Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breeding Rabbits: How to Care For the Dwarf Rabbit Breed

Dwarf Rabbits are one of the best and cutest animals that are being kept as pets. They are one of the smallest domestic breed rabbits and the origin of these rabbits is from Europe. After dogs and cats, dwarf rabbits are one of the most loved pets in England and America. These docile pets are adorable and cute. Kids love them, they look very sweet, and you can give it as a gift to your near and dear ones. Therefore, whenever you buy a dwarf rabbits be cautious to take good care of them. To ensure proper Dwarf rabbits care you need to find a suitable place where they can stay and breed.

Many people all around the world are keeping rabbits for three reasons and they are: interest, breeding, and butchering. These rabbits are also known as the Netherlands Dwarf Rabbits, as they were found in 1900 in the Netherlands. The normal weight of a dwarf rabbit is around 0.7-1.4 kg with thick fur and a round body. They look shiny and soft and have a large head with small ears. It is very easy to identify them without too much of problem as in comparison with other breeds of rabbit.

Dwarf Rabbits basically come in twenty four colors together with smoke pearl, chocolate, tortoiseshell, opal, chestnut, black, orange, etc. They are obedient and gentle creatures. These rabbits normally do not create too much of a problem. Proper care includes keeping these animals in a warm place in winter and a mild place during the summer season.

Give them proper diet foods like carrot, hay, green vegetables, and fresh fruit. You need to give them a proper diet if you want to keep them nice and healthy. Rabbits are hard-core eaters; they chew and eat anything that comes their way. With this, many times dwarf rabbits face digestive problems and other health disorders. It may be a good idea to provide digestive pills every week. This will control their gastrointestinal problems and other ill symptoms due to overeating.

You can see many people have kept these tiny lovely creatures for breeding purpose and they are getting good results. People are also keeping these animals for butchering because the meat of these animals is in high demand and are very tasty and people really love it.