Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Successfully Breeding Mini Lop Rabbit

If you want to successfully breed Mini Lop rabbit is you have to really run as a professional breeder. There are a number of reasons for this. Rabbits are very easy to breed. This would be a problem if you do not have a good market. Young rabbits grow very fast and are sexually active after eight weeks, so the process continues without interruption.

If you already have a good market then this is not an obstacle for you to breed rabbits mini loop systematically.
  • Select rabbit who has a history of good breeding productivity and strong genes.
  • Have a note to know the derivation of superior rabbits as parent.
  • Choose a rabbit out of the same race.
  • Accuracy in checking pregnancy 10-14 days after breeding.
This can be found by feeling the abdomen down the rabbit as it is a small marbles. You have to separate them in the nest box. The period of pregnancy is about 31 days. little rabbits born in still closed eye and surrounded by the parent rabbit fur. Usually about 4 -10 little rabbits.